Monday, April 21, 2014

Coffee Talk

Book talks are one of my favorite parts of the curriculum to teach.  I am an avid reader (always have been) and I love to model that for my students.  My hope is to shape them into lifelong readers as well.

I am always pondering ways to make reading come alive for them.  To make it exciting. 
Last spring my students did book talk videos and we had popcorn and video viewing day, which they adored. 

They were pumped and not ready to give up on book talks, so I came up with the idea of "Coffee Talk" where we could invite parents and guests to enjoy an afternoon of "coffee" (herbal tea and hot chocolate, but I just had to keep the name as a shout-out to old school SNL) as our little literary experts gave live book talks and quick Q&A sessions. 

Here is a peek at our little coffee shop.  I think it was so adorable...
Our literary experts were even allowed to sit on my teacher stool to present (it's the little things).
I created a book talk planning page that my students used to jot down the elements of their presentation.  
You can grab it for FREE in my TPT store HERE.

Hang in there!  It's almost summer!


Mrs Poultney said...

I love this idea! What a great way to get students and parents involved in reading. Great job!

Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

K Holden said...

Love this idea!!!

Katie - help me promote literacy to children

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